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About Us

Our Story

The Bavarian Pretzel Company is based in Cincinnati, OH and draws upon the rich German heritage of our community and our own families. We are dedicated to making the best soft pretzels and serving them to you.

Our head baker is a third-generation certified Master Baker who has studied and honed his craft in Bavaria. We feel confident in saying that our kitchen is led by one of leading bakers in the world and our pretzels are the result of his artistry.

But it doesn’t stop there as everyone else associated with the Bavarian Pretzel Company are German. We grew up eating German cooking (along with lots of pretzels, of course). And we started our company to honor our German heritage and to share one of our favorite foods with the world.


Meet Our Master Baker


Frequently Asked Questions

 How do you know you're enjoying an authentic, German pretzel?

There are a lot of pretzels in the world but the way you can tell you're eating an authentic Bavarian pretzel is by using your senses.

You can feel the tender fluffiness on the inside of the pretzel while the outside will have a slight crunch to it. You'll see the beautiful golden brown color with the signature split that  happens as the pretzels bake. Our pretzels taste like no others thanks to the pure ingredients we use, and our dough will have just a hint of salt in every bite. And, of course, the smell of freshly baking pretzels is like nothing else.


What is the secret that makes your pretzels so good?

We think it's less of a secret and more of our commitment to making sure our pretzels are the best they can be. This starts with our recipe which has been handed down through generations of Bavarian bakers. We then select just the right ingredients and never use any preservatives or anything artificial. This gives us a very pure dough.

A critical part of the process is how that dough is mixed and aged. You cannot rush this as it's where the magic takes place and it takes hours for our dough to be ready to go into the oven.

The end result, however, is something truly special. You can literally taste the quality in every bite.