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Preparation and Storage


The Time Honored Way

Just as in our bakery, your pretzels will taste the best coming out of the oven. Place a thawed pretzel on a cookie sheet, brush with water and sprinkle with our special pretzel salt or even cinnamon sugar. Then bake at 350° for 3 - 5 minutes.

(For an even richer flavor, try using butter or olive oil instead of water!)

The “I Can’t Wait” Way

We get it. Sometimes, you just cannot wait to enjoy a delicious hot pretzel. When faced with just such emergency, you can microwave our pretzels and still enjoy an out-of-this-world treat.

Lightly sprinkle the pretzels with water and top them with salt or cinnamon sugar. Microwave them in 15 - 20 second increments until they’re very warm to the touch. Cool for 1 minute and enjoy!

Can't Finish Them All?

Our pretzels can be safely frozen and stored to enjoy later.